Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is a cover I did for my dear friend
Months ago, he asked me to make a cover for his new crazy project: JESUS Vs. VAMPIRES...I was like:"uhm?!??!, ok"

So I ended up with this piece (the first painted cover I did!!!).

He gave me a quick lay-out, and I started painting.

I suggest you to follow Mr.Tim on his projects...He's so damn talented!!! He has always an original POV when he tells stories.A great writer and a good artist.

We started collaborating with HACK/SLASH and we fell in love with each other, and now we're goin' to be married on the big screen, when our baby sees the first CIAK in Hollywood.

Well done still owe me a LOOOOT of beers...and just 1 copy of this comic book!

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Lauren said...

I gotta say, Jesus VS. Vampires sounds pretty awesome. I'm putting my money on Jesus. The whole "Son of God" thing is pretty intimidating. Awesome job.