Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Since I received some requests about the work process, here we go with an old piece I did for DC. This is a card for a Green Lantern card game.
I'm usually pretty raw and quick with lay-outs...I use them just to see how the composition works.
In this case, I did a clear pencil to render the sketch, but actually I use to ink over layouts. I know it makes the job "harder", but it helps me not to loose the energy of the piece. When I was younger, I did hyper clear pencils before inking by myself...Now, I find it pretty useless if YOU are going to ink, and somebody else.
As you'll see, I changed a lot from the first lay-out, but it happened when I inked the bigger figures...I noticed the image was going to be toooo cropped (this draw it's really small...and I knew they'd have printed it much more smaller!!!)!!!

I know I've to make a lot of experience...but It's pretty good to learn from mistakes!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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sarah said...

Very cool and interesting to see your work process!