Sunday, October 01, 2006

Soooooo slow with updates! Sorry.
I've just to ink 24 pages in a week for the last issue of CIVIL WAR: YOUNG AVENGERS RUNAWAYS #3....too long to explain, but this issue it's killing me....even if I'm still enjoying it a lot! I just hope to destroy this damn fever I've got these days....My eyes are soooo red and tired...-sigh-


Pantone Markers are an awesome creation! I love using them for a lot of different things.

I did this Infantry, to try to use the --hand grayscale+digital painting. I'm in the middle of the process, as soon as I have more room, I'll give myself up in coloring it.

Here, I was lazy with background (yeah, I hate backgrounds), but I thought it was useless for a simple experiment...

Cya soon, and wish me good luck!


Pipocalavera said...'re improving very fast..
congratulations! FUCK!! XD

LRNZ said...

Ahoooo! Eccote!
Stavo rovistando in mezzo ad un pacco assurdo di scarabocchi miei e ho beccato una decina di disegni tuoi.
Alla fine non sono più passato a trovarti ma vorrei ancora! Come faccio?
Sei un mostroooooo!
Ti invidio come si invidiano i supereroi.

sarah said...

I like his belt! :)

azhar said...

this is awesome..

love your greyscale technique..

so are this the style yuo're using for Initiative?..

when you colour you used difference layers..

or once you finished the greytone..straight away color in burn option(blending tool mode)??

show me your technique..

if i wanna learn more about digital colour/ they have online tutorial?

still your comic initiative not yet arrive at my comic store


Rudi said...

Rock'n'Roll, man! I really like your stuff and you are one of the few new (newer) artists, who have created a unique style. It's very cool and I hope to see much more of you in the future! =) Take care man!