Monday, September 04, 2006

When I've got some room between issues, I like to make experiments with digital painting.
I'm not so expert, but I really like to try new things and techniques!

This was done pretty quickly, as you can see by the rendering...but what I wanted to do, was to play with lights..

Joker is my favourite villain...I imagine him more like a demon than an human...If I met him in the dark, I'd wet my pants!
I tried to visualize this scary guy...and honestly,I think this picture is pretty creepy!!!

I wanna paint a big, bold batman ready to fight with him...Uhm...I've already something in my mind....




Anonymous said...

Fuck rule!

Jon Filitti said...

This has to be my favorite piece I have ever seen you do. God he looks like he's about to kill someone!