Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today, no drawings...Just this pic.

She's Lamù, a lil sweet cat I found. SHE was crying, surrounded by some crazy kids ready to torture her...

I looked for her mom, but nothing...she was alone.
Since I've got another cat, I chose to keep this little creature and save a life.
I spent a week awake to give Lamù the milk she needed. I chose to give up the idea of getting some days of relax to take care of her.

Now she's running around my flat...and I've got a silly smile on my face.
I may look romantic or emo, but belive me, these little things can make a guy like me deeply happy.



Rudi said...

No big words.... just good to know, that there are people outside there who care....

Anonymous said...

What more is there to say than thanks for caring and for saving that cute kitten's life!