Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm here! Always busy as hell and melted by the Summer!
I've got a lot of things to announce in the next months, and I'm back on Secret Warriors with an exciting story from the great Hickman! I can't spoiler...but believe me, this is gonna rock!
In the meantime, I had fun sketching this quick painted piece, just to evolve a style I'd love to use for some kind of projects....I've got a lot to learn about digital painting, but sometimes I cut a couple of minutes to sit down and try some techniques. Who knows if I'll be able to produce something as good as the quality level I've got in my mind?!

P.S: I've received several e-mails asking for the work process I use for my pages. I promise I'll post something soon! But keep in mind my way is MY WAY. If you're an artist, and you want to produce pages, just find out your own personal way to obtain what you want. It requires dedication and patience, but I assure you you'll have the "answer" when you don't expect it! Just practice a lot!

Oh....and I hope you had a great summer time!




Dave said...

Hey Stefano,

I just wanted to say that I love your work on Secret Warriors. I think you're one of the best artists working in comics today (and my personal favourite).

I was curious as to whether you ever attend any conventions or if there is someplace on the Internet to find any of your original artwork?

Thanks, and I look forward to following your career.

St3! said...

Thank you Dave!
I'd be around the States next year ( NYC CC) and Europe ( Spain-Germany...etc). I'll update you!

As regard the original pieces, usually I don't sell my art, but if you've a page you really like, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!

All the best!


Luca Di Simone said...

bel paesaggio.

EricCallen said...

Hi, Stefano!!

I, too, LOVE your work on Secret Warriors...

(sorry to see that you didn't do the latest issue!)

Like Dave, I'd LOVE to get one of your pages.

Nick Fury is my favorite Marvel Character and your rendition of him is excellent.

I have a couple of pages I'd really like to get...

Please LMK if you'd consider selling me something?



Nuno Plati said...

Hey baby, good to see you in good spirits! We miss u guys, we need to make plans to get together again! :)

joaquin said...

you rock man. i loved your work in Secret Warriors, it was great!

Pepe Larraz said...

Hi Stefano! great work, as usual. You know, I'm a fan of yours!

Mike Bear said...

Hi Stefano,
How are you, man? I just refound your blog again, haha.

Nice to see you experimenting, and of course I love to see your colored drawings. Your work has a nice energy.


Anonymous said...

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