Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm not disappeared, just had a looong period of hard working, and finally I've got some free I'm writing a story, sketching a lot of stuff, taking care of myself a lil' bit, and I can finally sleep properly!!!

A quick quick colored sketch of Rubber (One Piece) that I did tonight all digitally.
All the best, and I'll post more stuff soon!



Michael said...

Forte Rubber! Aspetto di vedere Zoro! (comunque il vero nome è Rufy)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stè, volevo salutarti e augurarti buona estate! In gamba, eh!
Ci si vede a ottobre a scuola.


Hisui said...

Wooow!! Rufy in versione Caselliana!! Che figo! Tanti saluti Stefano e buone vacanze!