Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's been a while since I updated the blog. Sigh!

Btw I spent a busy busy time. I'm moving...a new home waits for me, and it asks a lot of work to do!
THE INITIATIVE goes on...woah, I'm excited! Secret Invasion involves ATI too....and I've to draw a lot of great things!

I spent a week in New York.
Thank you to Marvel guys: you're awesome (CB, Molly, Tom, Chris, Dan,'s a pleasure to work with you!)
Thank you to the fans: you're the meaning of my work.
Thank you to the City: no words about it. You've to visit it to understand.
Thank you to my friends from PORTUGAL: Juão, Nuno, Ana & Ana, Ricardo & Ricardo, Miguel, Jorge, Rui and Paulo.......I miss you guys. We love you!
Thank you to Marko Djurdjevic: you're able to give me a smile.
Thank you to Cammo, Burchielli, Lorenzo.....and the long list I can't write down.

Here you'll find a sketch for something I'm working on.

Stay tuned...and sorry again if I disappeared.



Jean said...

Sei tornato, grande! a giudicare dal post le cose ti vanno piuttosto bene, te lo meriti sei mooooolto bravo :)

Fujiman said...

Olá Stefano!

It was great to meet you and Fabiana, we all had a great time together, your guidance and patience (sorry for all the delays in the streets of NY...) where very important to us.

It was very rich xperience, and you guys helped make it richer and warmer. Thanks a lot!

I have a lot of photos i can send you to Rome, or maybe i can give them personally here in Lisbon...

A big hug to both you guys!
Jorge Coelho

Nuno Plati said...

Olá Stefano and Fabi!

New York was great, but meeting you and Fabi was the highlight of our trip!
We miss you guys a lot, but it´s wonderful knowing we have two beautiful new friends! :)
We´re waiting for you here in Lisbon!

Bacioni from Ana and Nuno

Estylon said...

Grande, Maestro!
Meno male che sei tornato ad aggiornare questo blog, non vedo l'ora di leggere su carta l'iniziativa, è veramente disegnata "da dio".
Spero un giorno di riuscire a disegnare dei personaggi espressivi come i tuoi, per ora sono riuscito a dare un taglio più realistico ai miei (dannata provenienza dal manga argh) ma col tempo spero di riuscire a perfezionarmi.
Ancora in bocca al lupo con L'iniziativa e il resto!

Fabrizio said...

ciao stè
ho aperto il blog, un saluto

Fabrizio said...

ti ho linkato tra i blog amici

Anonymous said...