Friday, May 25, 2007

A sketch for a nice guy I met!



Marco Rizzo said...

ciao stefano,
sono marco rizzo di comicus. ho provato a mettermi in contatto via email con te ma non ho avuto risposta, vorremo proporti un'intervista. Puoi contattarmi a ?
ciao e complimentoni!

azhar said...


i wanna yer sketch too..


again love the blue must be an animation graduate..

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Nico pic! You, sir, need to be the new artist on Runaways. Or Young Avengers. Or both. Or every book I read, though that MIGHT be a bit stressful, I like a lot of different stuff. I just LOVE seeing your take on the characters I know and love, and when you introduce brand new characters, it's even better, because I know exactly how I'll always remember them, because no one will ever draw them better! So, yeah... KUDOS!

Jason Kerouac said...

Oops, that last one was me too!

StreGattA said...

uuuuuuaaaaaaa che carinaaaaaa !!!
la amooo