Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I didn't disappear!!! I had troubles with my dear, sweet pc...SIGH-Now, it seems to be ok!
I've several sketches I did these days, and I'll be more than happy to scan and post them in the next days! Here we go with the first 2!


Mike Bear said...

Great energy! HOT woman! And what is that on Hulk's left arm? Is that the Hulk?

St3! said...


Yeah, it is! He has that weird stuff from World War HUlk.

I've to warm up a lil' bit, since I've to draw him in the next issues!


azhar said...


finally...a sketch of Stefano to start the daya..

tell me more about ur.technique..

pencil, ink & greyscale pentone marker...'

then you colour it in Photoshop with Different layer ( set on multiply)..

am i right?

St3! said...

Yeah Azahar, you're right. These pieces are just Pantone and pencils, but when I've to color I use a "typical" photoshop technique:)

azhar said...

please define your 'typical' master

Jason Kerouac said...

Ummm... YUMMY! Seriously, Stefano, you're amazing, she's hot, and that Hulk rocks! Screw the kids in the Initiative, YOU are MY hero!

Ken Davis said...

I just picked up Young Avenegers & Runaways, The Civil War Trade and dude your artwork blew me out of the water!!!!
Amazing job!! and I will be on the lookout for more books with your name on them!!!

Ken Davis said...

O crap I forgot to post all about the pic of the "fat" lady you drew, stunning by the way! and that awesome War World hulk pic.
Hell, I wish your were doing the art for W.W.H. instead of JRjr.