Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Anonymous said...


cant wait to see more!!!!

checked out the preview on your new book!! who inspires/influences you!?

Marco Rizzo said...

ciao stefano, mi piacerebbe poterti intervistare per mi scriveresti a
grazie e complimentoni!

Harris-ejaz said...

your work is most excellent. here's hoping you make a name for yourself quickly.

I'm an artist living in Pakistan, and i was directed to your workblog by Mike Bear. I wonder if i could briefly inconvenience you with an email? I would have emailed you to begin with but i can't find an email address anywhere.
i'd just like to know how you got a job in the amerikanski komik industry while sitting at home in Rome, as i am interested in doing the same. And I have no clue how to go about it.
You know how hard it can be. i'd just like to know about your experience.
My email is Rapturefreak(at) My work can be viewed at

Hi! I'm Fabio... said...

Ciao Stefano, bei lavori!
Sto scoprendo da poco il mondo dei blog, e li trovo strepitosi!
Ci siamo incrociati indirettamente tramite Federica (Manfredi), la aiutai coi colori per la Marvel.
Ciao e buon lavoro ;)